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Pattern corrections

Although each of my patterns is read and reread and reread again, occasionally an error slips through.  When called to my attention, I will immediately fix the error in any future printings and post the corrections here.  

Thank you!

Camille Roskelley


Pattern #109 JOY

On the back of the pattern on the materials list, it should also list *one green fat quarter.*  It does include it in the instructions on the inside, but should be listed on the back as well.  Also, instructions #2 should read “...between a 3” square and a 3”x1-1/2” strip.”  The correct measurement is listed above in the cutting instructions.

Pattern #116 Wallflower

  1. Cutting... (part 2) “Cut 1-1/3 neutral” should read  “Cut 1-1/3 yds of neutral” 
  2. In illustration #6, the large insert should be shown as 42” wide and 26” tall.  The two were switched in the original illustration.

Pattern #121 Sassafras

Flower stems are 3/4” wide

Pattern #135 Marmalade

A few quilters have mentioned that they used closer to 2-1/4 yds neutral instead of 2 yards.

Pattern #158 Zipper

In the cutting table at the top of page two, it says you need 42 strips for the background of the small quilt.  You only need 27.  The yardage requirements are correct.

Pattern #165 Puddle Jumping

On page 2, step 6, it says to sew 3-1/2" squares in two rows of two, but it should say to sew 3" squares in two rows of two.  The cutting instructions are correct.

Pattern #166 Starlight

Just a note:  Turns out a 60 mark on a rectangle ruler and a 60 degree triangle shaped ruler yield different size triangles.  IF you use a Creative Grids or other brand 60 degree triangle ruler, you will need to cut larger strips for your large triangles. Before you cut your large triangles, please measure your finished pieced triangle unit and cut large triangles the same size.

Pattern #170 Mini Swoon

In step 3 of block assembly, it says to "draw a diagonal line from one corner to the opposite corner on each white square". This should say COLOR square. The illustration is correct. 

Pattern #173 Red Letter Day

A miscalculation on the background fabric needs to be corrected from 2.75 yds to 3 yds.  The materials list should read 3 yds background fabric.

NOTE- if you purchased this pattern as part of a Craftsy kit, your pattern is slightly different. Please make sure you have the most recent version of the PDF download from craftsy before beginning. There are no corrections to the PDF at this time.

Pattern #174 Round and Round MINI

On the assembly diagram on page 2 it shows a 1" width for the strips, but they should be 1.5". The cutting instructions are correct.

Pattern #184 Norway MINI

(PDF only) To clarify, Units A, B, and C on page 1 should be subcut 1.25". This was added a few days after the PDF was initially offered and was never printed.

On page 2 the directions for Unit E say the white piece is 1.25" x 5. It should actually be 1.25" x 4.25 The page 1 cutting measurement is correct.

Pattern #189 Piccadilly Circus MINI

In step 3 when you trace the circle on fusible web, trim out the middle of the fusible web, leaving about 1/2" on each side of the line, making a ring. This will make it so your fusible doesn't adhere to your ironing board by accident. 


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